We are a dedicated swordsmanship Society, all members of the KORYVANTES Association of History Studies, focused in studying and practicing the war arts of the heavily armoured Warriors of the Hellenic Worlds.  Our expertise dates back to 2008, when initiated our Academically accredited work in historically accurate Phalanx formations and Classical-era armours.

Starting from Mycenaean Eqetas and Amazons, to Archaic Anaktes, to Classical and Hellenistic Hoplites, to Roman Hellenes Legionaries, to Medieval Byzantine Catafracts, to Renaissance Stradioti, a long 33-centuries tradition revive in our study courses in downtown Athens. 

We are reviving the Amazons, the legendary female warriors of Bronze Age Pontus, Skythia and Tanais, renowned for their fierce battle skills – Antianeirai (those who fight like men), as referred in Homeric Iliad.

AthensHoplites Project has set to search, analyse and bring to life the swordsmanship that made the Hellenic Warriors renown throughout the centuries.