Cultural Events

We will set up, upon arrangement, Cultural presentations for individuals, groups or Organizations who are interested to live the real experience of our museum-quality armours.

KORYVANTES Association is the premium Reenactment Group in Greece, with worldwide credits from renowned Organizations and Academic Institutions. We specialise on and can provide:

  • a wide range of heavy armours of various eras
  • professional swordsmanship training and presentation
  • Hoplite rituals
  • Hoplite Archery
  • Pancration (Hoplite wrestling)
  • ancient Hoplite cuisine
  • ancient Artisans (pottery, painting)

Feel free to discuss with us the options to meet your specific requirements.

5621731500_ec4ac1a17b_oSince 2009, we have worked with National Geographic ‘Warriors Series, Spartan Vengeance’, BBC ‘Who were the Greeks’, ITV ‘Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey’, France5/TV5 ‘Echappées belles’ and have captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide.

Key demonstrations were delivered in Biskupin Museum (Poland, 2011), Journées Gallo-Romaines St-Romain-en-Gal (Vienne, France, 2012), Viminacium Museum (Serbia 2013), Biga Archeology Festival (Turkey 2014), Times & Epochs Archeology Festival (Moscow, 2015).